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hướng dẫn làm mì ý ngon tại nhà

materials (for two people to eat)

+ 300g killing cows

+ 1/3 Spaghetti pasta strand package large

+ 1 ripe tomato

+ A cucumber

+ The form of spices: the streets , pepper, seasoning (salt), chili, mushrooms, a little cassava flour

how to make

- North pot of water on the stove, add a tẹo spices and 1 less oil, while boiling water, drop in and boiled wheat noodles from 10-15 minutes, while soft wheat, yarn bloom, no longer core hairline News the pasta was cooked.

- Take them out to drain pasta, sprinkle over pasta firt time cold water (boiled) and 1 little oil, stir. Made similar the pasta will not stick together.

- Marinate meat cattle owned spices, sugar and pepper, remember tasting just right. Crushed garlic, chopped and put into a bowl. Stir, marinated in spices infuse for 10 minutes.

- Get 1 half place the meat has marinated for meat beef, every member killed cow with the great moderation.

- After at members slaughtered cattle is done, you can be baked or fried arbitrary, aroma attractive emanates, slaughter cows turns dark, It is also when the members of meat cooked beef.

- Small sliced tomatoes, ready to fry it together carry parts slaughtered cattle remaining.

- Mushrooms chopped, after the meat has cooked beef tomatoes to you to be the next mushrooms on.

- Add a tẹo water in sauce pan, seasoned with spices and road moderate, stirring, boil over low heat.

- After a slow deployment you owned can add a little chili sauce to bring a little spicy, such as where you see the sauce has had his taste, mix a little tapioca bring peace to the country and the general bearing the sauce in the pan. Boil continued in 1 minute, stir, the sauce will match the quick .

- Status cucumbers decorated and served with owning wheat. After only one about the period around 30 minutes, you 've had pasta dishes delicious sauce and minced beef.

- Chuc Anh her delicious mouth offline.

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